More exciting every day!

Week 15

Hard to believe we are a now over half way through this wonderful course. Learning more and more every week and learning how to be more in tune with in and with out of ourselves.

Using cards that reinforce the accomplishments in our lives, the positve readings that we do every week, and the “quiet time” that is a godsend. It quiets the mind and refreshes the soul. Resetting the brain to greatness. A process that doesn’t happen overnight, but reflecting back I can see the changes. Learning the skills needed to go from just so to real Greatness. And I think the people around me are noticing a big difference too. More confidence and a lot more positive attitude.

Doing the inner housecleaning and going all the way! A new life with everything that I dreamed of. Can’t get any better than that.

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Starting the Mental Diet

Week 8

Here I am starting the Mental Diet. Easy you think? Not! Just like any other diet you have to commit and follow through.

First you have to break those bad addictions. Just like a regular diet you have to stop and evaluate your triggers. What makes me procrastinate? What can Ido to get the results I want? What steps are neccessary for me to stimulate good neuro-pepetides to make it possibe to stay on my mental diet? Who can I get to help me stay on track?  Mental labor is very hard work. But work is neccessary to stick to this mental diet. We all have a choice, so we need to choose a stimulus that will help us start the diet right. We actually create the stimulus that triggers desired responses. Unconsciously we say to ourselves “look what I can do!” We see the effect of the exercises.

I should be able to start seeing my results in about 3 weeks. I am working my plan so that it doesn’t work me.

Can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

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Searching for You can be what “you will to be.”

Week 7

This week is all about setting your mind-set to You can be what “you will to be.” 

I will to be calmer, so I am.

I will to be patient, so I am.

You must do the work that so few people are willing to do. And if you are willing and do the work the rewards will be beyond anything you could possible imagine.

The mind is a wonderful thing but it needs to be trained to be re-wired from what we have been doing to this day.  By using different colors, different shapes we start to do the rewiring. We put these in obvious places around the house, in the car and at our places of business. Everyday is a little easier because our minds are starting to process these things a bit differently.

We start to visualize  and feel what it is that we are working towards. We sit quietly and see what our purpose is. We are there and we are living it, feeling it, and even smelling it. We feed our sub-conscience brain by reading our DMP and blue print every single day.

And it becomes easier because we repeat these actions every day and they become habits. And if we are going to have habits they might as well be good habits.

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Let the light shine

Week 6

I have had this thought running through my mind all week. Let the light shine, let the light shine.  And the light that is hidden must shine through. We have so much light to shine that the whole world should be able to see it. All the hidden power we possess and don’t know how to let it shine.

Just like the love in our hearts. It stays hidden from view but is revealed in our eyes and all the things we do. The little things that no one notices but we keep close because we know that they are the light within us that will shine on through. It keeps our hearts warm and our steps light.

Each week something new happens and it opens our hearts even more. I look forward to the next week in great anticipation. There will be even more light shining through!

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Moving through and getting better

Have you ever thought you were doing the things you needed to be doing? And then someone opens the door and you can see how things can be better and easier with practice to be the best you can be. You just need to move through and do the same things over and over until they become habits. If you are going to do this you want them to be good habits and you want those good habits to be like breathing. You don’t even have to think about it, you just do it, naturally and without having to think about it.

The hardest thing for me to do is to get my mind to be still. It is so excited with all of these new good habits and energy just going through me that my mind races on and on to what is the next exciting thing going to be that I am learning? So I have to concentrate on the spot inside my mind that lets me be quiet. It is getting a little easier, only because after I get to let my mind race again and it is more focused on what I need to be doing because I let it rest and relax.

Looking forward to the next step as it is getting me closer to my goals and my DMP!

Watch out world because there is no stopping me now!

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MKMMA Week 4 (via Master Key Renae Massey Blog)

  WOW! The more I learn the more excited I am.  I can already see a difference in me.  I am working on the best me. This information is helping me at work. One of my fellow co workers said you are all bubbly.  I am making eye contact, giving a smile and getting back a smile.    I feel more relaxed and confident. I've noticed I am clear and precise with my customers and that makes for a short call.  It's funny because I thought I was being clear.  … Read More

via Master Key Renae Massey Blog

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WWJD for Networkers Who are Stuck…..Confessions of an Egocentric Blamer & Sunday Thoughts While Shaving (via World's Laziest Networker Blog)

WWJD for Networkers Who are Stuck.....Confessions of an Egocentric Blamer & Sunday Thoughts While Shaving MENTAL BEINGS Well, let's run this up the flagpole and see who salutes it… Not to worry, not preaching coming at fellow networkers here but the truth be told it was the changes within my soul that created changes within me…..and I certainly did not make those changes, I was not the source of the shift within….everybody on some kind of path knows this about themselves and others. Examining the relationship we have in our chosen spiritual pur … Read More

via World's Laziest Networker Blog

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Where did the week go?

Wow! What a week. Where did it go?

Lots of new things happening every week. Learning to totally relax your body is an awe inspiring accomplishment. You feel like a wet noodle and every fiber of your being is relaxed.

Starting to be able to focus more on your goals is another thing coming together slowly but surely. Setting them up at the beginning of the week and just following them makes it so much easier!

And the great things happening all around you make you glad to be doing what you are doing at this time. As they say we have things come into our lives at the time we need them most! To be able to get more focused, more organized and still be able to deal with the everyday things that keep trying to distract us from our goals.

But where did the week go?

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It has been an amazing experience. Being able to sit still and not move for 15 minutes you wouldn’t think was hard. But you need to try it and see for yourself. Or how about trying to control your mind to not think for 15 minutes? Not simple at all! Your mind can think of everything except to be still, that takes more focus than you might think.

But the most amazing part is to reprogram yourself to be successful and that is the goal that we are all trying to do.

And I am loving a phrase in a book that I am reading that states: Failure is man’s inability to reach his goals in life, whatever they may be. How powerful is that?

And who knows I may finally learn how to copy and paste! Won’t that make my life easier?

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Worth living by

Be kinder than necessary

Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle

Live simply

Love generously

Care deeply

Speak kindly

And leave the rest to God!

For we walk by Faith and not by Sight.

Author unknown

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